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 #38247  by gene
 03 May 2015, 10:47
I bought myself a Raspberry Pi. Guess what I will do with it? Correct, retro gaming!There's a great project called Retropie. Take a look at the features:
  • Complete installation of all available emulators that are supported by the RetroPie Setup Script (see section “supported systems/emulators for details”)
  • Automatic start of Emulation Station, the front-end for browsing and running the ROMs. Emulation Station is maintained by Aloshi, who is also hosting the sources of Emulation Station at Github.
  • Pre-configured splash screen that can be customized with the RetroPie-Setup Script
  • SAMBA shares for each system for copying ROMs on the RPi via network
  • USB daemon for copying ROMs on the RPi via USB stick
So what I finally needed to do to get things running:
  • download and install the software image on my SD card
  • configure my USB joypad (acutally it's the original SNES pad connected with USB adapter)
  • connect RasPi to ethernet and my TV
  • start it up
  • copy some roms (easy as the RasPi starts a samba share and ssh server)
  • play the games on my 48 inch LED TV
Great! Played games so far:
Turrican 2 (Amiga), Sim City 2000 (DOSBox), a couple of SNES games, Tetris (Gameboy), Chip's Challenge (Lynx).

Here are some pictures of the games I played.