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Talk about specific features of our upcoming online game database.

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 #38512  by gene
 10 Jul 2018, 18:51
I am not sure if I like it that way.
I get your idea of "add data first quickly and later define the detail usage", but it get's too complicated here?

Check this out:
Is that what you mean? (SoftwarePlatform not finished yet)

My thoughts:
- SoftwarePlatforms (SPs) are missing
- would SPs be buildt the same way?
- what would be the process for a user entering all the data for a platform?

Would this work?
 #38514  by gene
 10 Jul 2018, 21:44
I try to think about how somebody would enter the data "for a new platform", let's do it with the Amiga.

I would enter this data:

1) Amiga as "GlobalTitle"
(this would be treated as a new "TransliteratedString" which is connected to the GamingEnvironment)

2) all hardware variants I can imagine:
(everyone is also created as a TransliteratedString)
Amiga 500
Amiga 500 plus
Amiga 600
Amiga 1200
Amiga 2000
Amiga 3000
Amiga 4000
Amiga CDTV
Amiga CD32

3) What now?
We could now offer a function like "convert a single title to a new hardware platform". This would internally create a new hardware platform HP and connect this HP to the selected title
We could offer a task/command that converts a single title to a platform, or we could also offer a command that creates a single (new) hardwareplatform for every (Selected) command.

Ok, now I notice that the assignment of TitleType and Region does not work here.
So I created another model draft:

Here the things mentioned under 3) would create a HardwarePlatform and a HPTitleAssignment (only a connection between the HP and the Title).
Afterwards one could assign "HPTitleUsages", where you can say "this HPTitle was used as official title in Europe" e.g.

Now people from somewhere else in the world ;-) could stepwise add titles to the existing hardware platform objects (e.g. used in other regions of the world).

Sounds better to me.
And for the rest of us?
 #38515  by MZ per X
 11 Jul 2018, 20:22
I see where this is going, so let's develop furtherly. :)

First some comments:

a) Let's not forget that we have three data layers:
GE 1--n HWP n--n HWSP
The lot of the titles comes at HWSP level.

b) The setup for GE 1--n SWP n--n SWSP should be similar. Maybe some different title types or such, but no fundamental differences.

c) The titles assigned to GE's ("Amiga") and HWP's ("Commodore Amiga 68K Machine") are more or less internal to Oregami, so they don't need a title type. But they need to be regional ("Genesis" vs. "Mega Drive").

Okay, let's go through the process of adding a GE. :)

1) Create a GE entity with a working title (after searching the database for similar, existing GE's)

2) "Edit title usage" for the GE (user can create/assign regional titles without type to the GE)

3) Create a HWP entity with a working title and assign it to the GE (after searching the database for similar, existing HWP)

4) "Edit title usage" for the HWP (user can create/assign regional titles without type to the HWP)

5) Repeat steps 3) and 4) for the SWP

6) User can enter a list of HWSP titles

7) Oregami shows similar, existing HWSP entries for each title

8 ) User can decide for each title:

8a) Create a new HWSP with this title as working title and also assigned to it

8b) Assign this title to an existing HWSP and connect this HWSP to the HWP

8c) Assign this title to a new HWSP created before in 8a)

8d) Discard the title, because the HWSP exists already, and connect the existing HWSP to the HWP

8e) Just discard the title

9) "Edit title usage" for each HWSP that was created/changed in 8 ) (user can create/assign regional titles with type to the HWSP)

10) Repeat steps 6) to 9) for the SWSP's

Does that make sense somehow? :)
 #38516  by gene
 30 Jul 2018, 06:39
So, it has been very hot here in Germany the last weeks, so I haven't been doing very much for Oregami.

But nevertheless I recognized an important thing: What we are trying to do in this thread seems to be known as Event Storming.
Read more about it here: Maybe we will try something like this here online?