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Talk about specific features of our upcoming online game database.

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 #37599  by Ultyzarus
 23 Nov 2013, 17:35
Are there any plans to document all the extras that come with a game? This includes not only bundled bonuses such as keychains, card decks, artbooks, etc. but more recent additions to games, Game Figures.
First with Skylanders, and now Disney Infinity have those figures as key game elements. Shall we document them, and if so, how?
 #37601  by jotaroraido
 24 Nov 2013, 01:14
Just taking a look over at the stuff sitting on my shelf, I see:
  • Soundtrack
    Drama CD
    Video DVD (animation, previews, superplays, etc...)
    Art book
    Digital art book (DVD)
    Companion novel
    Bonus minigame (on a separate disc, never released separately)
    Faceplate (Xbox 360)
    Controller (standard like Wii Play, specialized like Guitar Hero or Super Scope 6)
    Stylus (DS)
I'm sure I could come up with a lot more if I poked through Japanese release lists a bit. I know I've seen sets that include stuff like shot glasses, clocks, t-shirts, and even panties before. It may not be feasible to actually categorize all these kinds of bonuses outside of "standard" things like manuals and registration cards. Free text fields for more esoteric stuff may be more suitable.

Also, what about pre-order bonuses? I've seen a lot of Japanese releases that include drama CDs or telephone cards with preorders, and I know that bonus download codes have become quite common in the last few years, often differing by retailer. Would those be catalogued separately from pack-in bonuses?
 #37608  by Ultyzarus
 25 Nov 2013, 14:05
My question was mostly intended as the "how" it will be documented. Books and Discs can easily be scanned, but if we come to a point where some goodies need to be photographed, we need to create specific standards.

As for the Skylander-type figures, they don't exactly fit in goodies, but are almost close to character add-ons. These do raise a question on the place reserved for them in such a database.