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Talk about specific features of our upcoming online game database.

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 #37351  by Ultyzarus
 29 Oct 2013, 15:57
So here I am to tackle that subject and bring in my two cents ;)

1-It's already decided that different platforms need a separate RG
2-Walkthrough rule: If the same walkthrough can't be used, than it's a different RG
3-Director's cuts and the like (Final Mix, International versions) that have new content need a new RG
4-Later release of a game with slight improvements and a few new features (see FF7 Windows re-release vs original Windows release) would need a new RG (To be discussed)
5-Uncensored versions?

-Localized versions normally belong in the same RG
-Patches and updates don't make a new RG (not even a new R)
-Collector's editions normally belong in the same RG
-Budget releases belong int he same RG
-Games with a bonus disc (demos and other extras) are in the same RG (same case as collector's edition)

Any other thoughts?
 #37399  by MZ per X
 01 Nov 2013, 09:27
Ultyzarus wrote:So here I am to tackle that subject and bring in my two cents ;)
Thanks, I started a new Oregami standard for it. Feel free to add to it. :)

A new RG is caused due to gameplay differences, except the new platform rule. The construct of the RG has been invented to separate the released main versions of a game from each other. "Main versions" doesn't mean smallish changes, but significant gameplay changes that should be distinguishable from one another in the database from a documentation point of view.

Some comments to your points:

2) This rule sounds a bit to harsh for minor changes, I think.

For 3, 4, and 5 we need to check the differences, just like we do for different game criteria. For point 5 (censored version) I stated in another thread:
MZ per X wrote:I use to link this to the coverage of the gaming press. For instance, when the German press specifically refers to the German version of a game, because the original version is forbidden. Or when reviewers officially state that the cruel censorship influenced their rating for the worse, then the version needs its own RG. But a real objective definition we don't have, yet.

A suggestion would be to make up a list of censorship types, then say if more than two of these apply it is heavily censored. Just an idea, but that somehow would have to be combined with the above gaming press thing, I think.
This gaming press thing is important, as we will use the RGs to somehow calculate meta ratings later on. So if a re-release is reviewed and rated again by the press, it is a sure sign of a new RG. Having said this, there's one special thing about localization, too. When a localization is so bad that it seriously affects gameplay, IMHO it also qualifies for a new RG. Sure sign of this would be significantly lower ratings for a game within a certain country. But this will be hard to find out. :)