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Re: Oregami-News

PostPosted:08 Sep 2018, 21:28
by gene
I published a new blog post "Developer Diary September 2018".
Read it here.

German version here.

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Re: Oregami-News

PostPosted:01 Jan 2019, 15:21
by gene
Happy new year everyone! :D

During the last months I created a new version of the Oregami software. It follows the "Draft 4" approach from this page.

This means in detail:
  • all entities that must be referenced from outside the "Gaming Environments" bounded context are now independent aggregate root objects.
  • the current state of development supports "GamingEnvironment" and "HardwarePlatform"
  • I left out the "TransliteratedString" stuff. It should be added again later (other bounded context). So all entities have a "workingTitle" instead of the complex TS stuff
  • editing of objects is all bases on pure event sourcing
  • the "read model" (the things you see when you view things and don't edit them) is strictly seperated from the "write model" following CQRS principles
Have a look at it on !
(for editing use "user1" and "password1" as user/password)


Re: Oregami-News

PostPosted:02 Jan 2019, 20:22
by MZ per X
Cool stuff, thanks. 8)