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Here everybody can ask questions about our project or present his ideas.
No special authorization needed to post here!

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 #37759  by Rola
 16 Dec 2013, 18:30
Frankly speaking, I'd say the best years of MobyGames were long gone even before the September 2013 Disaster.

Please give me an example of a community-driven site (such as forum) that was nearly abandoned and later revitalized with new people.
Let's face it: people on the Internet flock to the newest thing. "What is MySpace? Or a forum? We have Facebook now!"

I can count on one hand the new people who joined after 2010 Exodus and worked up to 10000 Contribution Points. If they thought that the community veterans would be easily replaced by new eager blood, the reality taught them otherwise.
 #37766  by MZ per X
 17 Dec 2013, 14:20
eXo wrote:...something I called eXoDOS. It was/is a 5 volume collection that attempts to collect every DOS game available and make them playable through a menu based front end that has each game preconfigured through dosbox.
I downloaded the action part of eXoDOS, and hats off: this is a true labour of love. :D

I'm so glad there is people like you doing this preservation work, and I sincerely hope that Oregami will be a common ground for all these people in the future. When I say common ground, I don't mean replacement, of course. Just a meeting place, a home for the archaeologists and enthusiasts, and a common set of data everybody can use as a basis for their own projects.

As I said, there's no lack of vision here. :)
 #37802  by MZ per X
 25 Dec 2013, 21:32
Yeah, Merry Christmas to you all, and save travel to the year 2014.

Let's make 2014 a year to remember :!:
 #37807  by MZ per X
 01 Jan 2014, 18:05
Well, with the Christmas and New Year's break out of the way, it's time to get back to work. :D Hope you all had some calm days with the family during Chistmas, and a healthy and cheerful passage to the year 2014!
 #37861  by MZ per X
 21 Jan 2014, 22:43
MZ per X wrote:So, there's quite some other domains that need to be "freed" once Oregami is up and running. Movies / TV is one of them (Oremovi?), non-game software (Orenongami?) and music (Oremusi?) being others.
Okay, I just discovered that the musical part seems done:

Non-profit foundation, open souce, open license, it's all there. Interesting! :)
 #37902  by Ultyzarus
 28 Jan 2014, 20:58
I had some interesting ideas for the design (mostly for the Game page). I'm not sure when I'll have time to tackle this (I want to create a mock-up using Illustrator), but I think you'll like the ideas ;)

p.s. Keep up the good work! It's always nice to see the future site take form through these updates :)
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